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Who are we?

Who is Mailo?

The Mailo service is published by the French company Mail Object and uses its technology.

Mailo is hosted in a specialized host center which is supervized 24 hours a day.

A customer service replies by e-mail to all the requests from users.

To ensure its financial balance and its sustainability, Mailo relies on two business models:

  • free mailboxes with advertising banners in the webmail
  • packs for individuals (Premium pack for 1 € per month and Cloud packs starting at 2 € per month), families (Family pack for 2 € per month) and professionals (Pro pack for 4 € / 8 € per month) without advertising and with additional services

Who is Mail Object?

The small French company Mail Object focuses exclusively on its expertise in mail to conceive and develop the best possible communication products, both for the general public and professionals.

Its two founders, Pascal Voyat and Philippe Lenoir, as well as the whole team constantly innovate, imagine and realize the most effective tools and new features.